Welcome to Clean Combustion & Energy (CC&E)

homeAn engineering and testing firm with expertise in fossil fuel combustion, NOx emission control, boiler performance and emissions testing.

Our extensive boiler and stack testing capabilities have been used to document baseline boiler performance, to conduct new- and retrofit-equipment acceptance testing, and to support the tuning and optimization of all types of combustion systems and emission control systems.

Our engineers have designed and installed NOx control equipment including urea and ammonia SNCR, gas reburn and overfire air systems on boilers of all sizes and firing configurations from small industrial stokers to large PC units.

Using our CFD modeling capabilities, our engineers have analyzed operational problems with the combustion of coal and gas at industrial and utility scale. Our engineers have designed and implemented practical solutions resulting in cost-saving improvements in stack emissions, boiler efficiency and equipment reliability.

As a well-rounded engineering and service company, CC&E is ready to assist electric utilities, industrial facilities and boiler equipment operators with the expertise and experience needed to achieve compliance and performance needs.
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