MATS Testing

Utility MATS Testing

EPA’s Utility Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) requires the burner system to be tuned for NOx and CO every three years. In addition, Utility MATS requires documentation of O2, CO, and NOx levels before and after major outages, to document that no deterioration in emissions occurs.

Pre-Outage Testing

  • 1-Day Test effort to document O2, CO and NOx levels at the economizer exit location
  • Typical test duration is 4 hours

Post-Outage Testing and Tuning

  • Multiple day effort to achieve balanced emissions profiles for O2, CO and NOx
  • Economizer exit gaseous sampling with optional furnace exit sampling with water-cooled probes
  • Adjustments to burner settings, secondary air distribution, OFA settings, and total boiler combustion air supply
  • Optional mill performance testing to determine coal flow distribution and coal fineness